dracadancer asked:
I'd love to see some feathered dinos in the new movie, but won't be surprised if they keep the old versions since that's what everyone who's seen the previous movies will expect. A quick explanation for why the raptors don't have feathers would be nice though. Like the amphibian DNA they used caused them to be featherless for some reason.


See guys, this is possibility and it’s not that hard of a concept to grasp. However, I do remember Colin saying there will be no feathers, so there’s that also :P

This page is VERY specific in what it wants from the movie.

I don’t think the main characters would be silly enough to get roped in another time. Malcolm’s daughter almost got eaten. Grant almost got eaten twice. Ellie was smart enough to go once.

It makes logical sense to bring Dr. Wu’s character back as he helped engineer them.

The feathers is just nit picking. They’re giant versions of creatures that were barely knee height in reality.

All I want is originality, scary scenes that aren’t watered down, originality, kids in peril who aren’t annoying, originality, velociraptors being badass bitches, and some good one liners. Uh, dino… droppings? Droppings??